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When the learning pressure and school requirements increase, students are often overwhelmed. Homework, written work and tests can quickly become a source of stress in this case, which can have devastating consequences for the physical and psychological condition of children, young people and adult students.

That is why it is important to recognise the need for private lessons in good time and to provide the necessary learning support regardless of the school level, the age of the students and the subject taught.

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We have a wide selection of tutors for all prices and regions, so that you can find private tutoring in every canton and every larger city in Switzerland. In the big cities such as Zurich, Bern, Basel, Lucerne, Geneva, etc., the number of tutors is naturally very large. But even in smaller regions there are a large number of teachers who offer private lessons for many subjects.

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Create a profile on our website quickly and easily and find in a few clicks the person who will support you with tutoring. You want to take your exams in a relaxed way and successfully improve your grades? We will be happy to help you! Get the necessary tutoring that will help you overcome the pressure to perform at your best in upcoming tests. Because there is nothing better than a breath of fresh motivation to learn in order to solve all school problems.