For private tutors

For private persons searching a job as tutor our service is absolutely free of charge, this includes registration, creation of a profile and getting in contact with students.

We also offer a premium membership that allows our members to enjoy the following extra benefits:

Base membership

Free of charge


from CHF 5.00 per month

View job offers and profiles
Apply for job offers
Higher ranking in search results
Highlighted profile
See who has viewed your profile
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Private persons can choose between the following premium membership plans:

  • 1 month: CHF 10.00
  • 3 months: CHF 6.67 a month (total costs: CHF 20.00)
  • 12 months: CHF 5.00 a month (total costs: CHF 60.00)

For students

For private persons looking for a tutor we provide services with and without costs. Our free of charge membership allows you to test our service risk free and search for tutors in your vicinity. The upgrade will allow you to get in contact with as many tutors as you wish at all times.


Free of charge


From CHF 7.50 per month

Post profile
Receive applications
Search for tutors
Browse profiles of tutors
View applications
Answer to applicants
Contact tutors
See documents
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Students can choose between the following premium membership plans:

  • 1 month: CHF 40.00
  • 3 months: CHF 20.00 a month
  • 12 months: CHF 7.50 a month

For companies

For companies, the following rates apply for premium memberships.

All prices are including VAT.

Satisfaction guarantee


If you are not satisfied with our service within the first 14 days after the start of your premium subscription, we will refund your money for your premium membership without any ifs and buts.