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A part-time job as a private tutor in Switzerland can be a good alternative to a part-time job. Tutoring is an exciting and responsible job where you can pass on your knowledge, help students and earn the extra money you want. Tutoring assignments are jobs that are private lessons at the student's or your home. The job offers can vary depending upon tutoring needs of the pupils: general homework assistance in certain school subjects, examination preparation (school examinations, gymnasium examination, IMS, BMS, LAP entrance examination etc.), language instruction and other tutoring inquiries.

The preparation time for your private lessons can vary depending on your school level. However, you will be able to estimate the effort involved after the first private lesson. Please clarify the student's educational status before starting work. This will enable you to identify the student's need for tutoring during the first lesson.

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You are interested and would like to help pupils and students to learn successfully? When you create a profile with us, you will find a variety of job offers for private teachers. Apply now and find tuition job in all cantons of Switzerland. In the big cities like Zurich, Bern, Basel, Lucerne, Geneva etc. the demand for tutors is naturally highest. But also in smaller villages new vacancies for tutors are advertised regularly. So it's worth stopping by regularly.