How much do tutoring lessons cost?

Do you or your child require tutoring and would you like to know how much tutoring costs per hour? There are various factors that affect the price of tutoring lessons. Read on to find out what costs to expect.

How much does tutoring cost per hour?


Tutoring costs depend on the tutor’s qualifications and experience, for example. They also vary from region to region. The price can also be affected depending on whether the tutoring takes place online or face-to-face. The hourly fee is rarely impacted by the subject, however.

At Tutor24, you pay an average of around CHF 36 per hour for tutoring. But you can find tutoring lessons on offer for as little as CHF 20.

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What additional costs may there be?


Once you have found a suitable tutor, you can enquire about their exact hourly tutoring rate. Generally, online tutoring lessons may be cheaper than face-to-face tutoring. If your tutor comes to your home, this may result in additional travel costs.

So it is best to discuss the exact terms before your tutoring lessons begin.

Finding a tutor for every budget

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