8802 Kilchberg
Matières: English, Music Performance, Music Theory, Posture/Wellbeing Coaching

Informations sur le type de cours proposés

English, Music Performance, Music Theory, Posture/Wellbeing Coaching
Niveau scolaire
École primaire, École secondaire, Lycée et Formation d'adultes
Type de cours
Cours individuel ou Cours en groupe
Lieu du cours
chez l'élève, chez l'enseignant et en ligne

Description personnelle

I have been teaching for several years now and simply love helping students decode difficult concepts, reach a new level of understanding and succeed at their goals. I have a double degree from New York University and have taught a variety of students, from five years old to senior citizens. The subjects i teach include English (I am a native English speaker and have a passion for language), Music Performance and Theory (one of my degrees was in Music Performance), and posture and wellness (I am a certified teacher of a wellness method called the Alexander Technique). I am patient, thorough and friendly and personalize each lesson to the student’s learning style, goals and understanding. I look forward to seeing you in class!

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