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My Qualifications :
1. Bachelor Degree in Education (Intermediate and Senior Phase) Grade 4-9
2. Higher Diploma in Adult Basic English
3. High school Diploma Grade 12

About me:
I was born and raised in South Africa. In 2009, I graduated from Suid-Natal High School. I then attend the University Of South Africa. At UNISA, I obtained my degree for Higher Diploma in Adult Basic English and Intermediate and Senior Phase Grade 4-9.

January 2010 until 2013. I was an assistant teacher for grade 1-7 at Suid-Natal Primary School. My placement was mainly in a full day kindergarten classroom composed of 35 students, including special needs students and English language learners (ESL). During my placement, I was responsible for the complete planning and execution of lessons in all curricular areas, communication with parents and staff, monitoring social and behavioral development, as well as running parent/teacher conferences.

In the summer of 2013, I moved to Switzerland to continue working as an assistant teacher and learning support teacher. In 2014, I opened my own Private English Tutoring business, as I saw there was a big need for this particular service.

I am really looking forward to the upcoming school year, to help new students become the best version of themselves.

“I believe that there are five essential elements that are conducive to learning.
(1) The teacher’s role is to act as a guide.
(2) Students must have access to hands-on activities.
(3) Students should be able to have choices and let their curiosity direct their learning.
(4) Students need the opportunity to practice skills in a safe environment.
​ (5) Technology must be incorporated into the school day.”

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