1203 Geneve
Fächer: Mathematics , English

Angaben zur angebotenen Nachhilfe

Primarschule, Sekundarstufe und Gymnasium
beim Schüler und beim Lehrer

Persönliche Beschreibung

I am an English man living and working in Geneva. I have a Bachelors degree in mathematics and have approximately 8 years tutoring experience. I also have 3 years teaching experience in schools.
my approach to teaching maths is to meet the student where they are at, instead of being guided only by the curriculum. This gives the student more confidence, building on their existing knowledge and gradually increasing the complexity of the work we do.
I try to complement the work being done by the student at school in order to avoid confusion or overwhelming the student.
My style is quite relaxed and I am proud that I have a good record of transferring my own interest and passion for mathematics to my students.
I am a native English speaker and have 3 years experience teaching English as a foreign language.

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